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Walter E. Gay, Jr., DDS

19 Garfield Place, Suite 414
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 381-7900

What Sets Us Apart

Our patients, many of whom have been with our practice for many years, are like part of an extended family. And our experienced dental care team is exceptionally caring and focused on your comfort.

While most of us care about fresh breath, eating the foods we like without pain, and having an attractive smile, many of us have been trained to think that the occasional dental cleaning is all that is needed to maintain optimal oral health. Here at our office, we help our patients understand that in reality, a person’s dental health is complex and requires a customized approach to treatment. Attention to our patients’ unique needs shapes the core aspects of our approach to patient care.

We work to understand your unique, individual situation.

To ensure that all your needs are understood, we reserve 90 minutes of time to devote to each new patient, so we have plenty of time to listen. You will first visit with Dr. Gay to discuss the goals you have regarding your oral health and any concerns you may have regarding dentistry. This allows him to learn about your relevant medical and dental history, which may offer opportunities to prevent dental problems in the future. Most importantly, we start with good communication and a shared understanding of your goals.

We help you understand all aspects of your oral health.

After your initial consultation, Dr. Gay will conduct a thorough examination. If the findings show little or no problem, your condition will be reviewed during the first visit.  If there are issues that require further study on his part, Dr. Gay will review all of the available data to develop a treatment plan. You will have a follow-up conference in about a week to review your oral condition and Dr. Gay will recommend treatment options in a thoughtful and organized fashion.

The best way we can help you understand your oral health is to show you! We’ve invested in state-of-the-art imaging technology, like digital X-rays and photographs, because seeing is believing!

Your oral health contributes to a healthy body.

W will work with you to develop a home care program that is tailored to your needs, and to make sure you are on track with regular preventive care visits.  For example, we provide a text messaging reminder service to your phone, so that you don’t miss a scheduled exam.  And from time to time, we also share new medical research that affirms the role that a healthy mouth plays as part of a healthy body on our Facebook page.

Relax! You’re in the care of a competent, compassionate team of dental professionals.

Dr. Gay has taken many extensive, hands-on courses on comprehensive dentistry to be able to offer our patients the best dentistry has to offer. This often involves specialists – periodontists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and root canal specialists – who we know can provide excellent, predictable results and the best restoration possible.

Dr. Gay’s service to members of our patient family extends nearly 30 years. Over that time, it has been a great honor each time a patient expresses gratitude for what our team has accomplished with them. We invite you to read our patient comments and watch our videos to hear our patients speak about their experience in their own words.

These are the things that guide us here at Walter E. Gay, Jr. DDS, and what we offer to each and every patient. We look forward to having the opportunity to do the same for you.

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